To Begin

Hello, and welcome to the B. C. Socia Photography blog.  I am new to the whole blog thing, so this should be a fun experience.  I have been reading a lot of different types of blogs lately.  Whether they be political, sports, or photography related.  This will be geared more towards photography and other musings.

I have for quite some time had a passion for photography, I think that it started when I began reading National Geographic when I was younger.  I wasn't able to get my first "real" camera until later, but I would like to think that I am ever improving.  This blog will hopefully give me even more of the enthusiasm and drive to pursue things I normally wouldn't with my photography.  We always have to push our limits and strive to become better.

This will be an ever changing and hopefully updated regularly blog.  I hope that you my viewers enjoy it and please feel free to leave comments, let me know what you think, and what you have to say.


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